S8 - The Scandal

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Dynasty - Season 8 - Episode 195 - The Scandal
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About this Dynasty episode:
Dynasty - The Scandal is the 19th episode of the 8th season and number 195 overall the series.
In this episode, Alexis warns Blake of Sean's vengeful agenda. Blake and Dex leave for Natumbe and discover the illegal arms shipment, but they are locked in the hold of the tanker. Fearing her relationship with Jeff will affect her friendship with Fallon, Sammy Jo asks Jeff to keep their romance secret. Adam is elated when he discovers that he truly is Adam Carrington, but again his joy is short-lived when he is served papers for Karen's custody suit to keep the baby. Alexis hires Morgan Hess to investigate Sean and learns of his extensive, international criminal history. Blake and Dex manage to escape when Sean detonates a bomb on board the tanker; however, they mistakenly believe that Sean was killed by the explosion.

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