S9 - The Trial

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Dynasty - Season 8 - Episode 196 - The Trial
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About this Dynasty episode:
Dynasty - The Trial is the 20th episode of the 8th season and number 196 overall the series.
In this episode, Blake returns to Colorado facing accusations that he was involved in an illegal weapons deal. Concerned that the bad press will harm his campaign, Fallon and Steven fly to Natumbe to find proof that will clear their father's name. The custody trial commences and quickly turns ugly; horrified over the nature of he proceedings, Dana blurts out that the baby belongs with his mother, Karen. Heartbroken, Adam moves out of their bedroom. Upon learning that Jeff and Fallon are divorced, Leslie attempts to rekindle her brief relationship with Jeff, unaware that he is secretly seeing Sammy Jo. Jeff and Blake patch up their differences and Blake asks Jeff to return as his campaign manager. Steven and Fallon return to Denver with documents that prove Sean was behind the arms shipment. Krystle begins experiencing headaches, but conceals it from her family. Alexis tries to conceal her terror when she is told the body assumed to be Sean is Harry Thresher's.


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