S8 - Adam's Son

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Dynasty - Season 8 - Episode 194 - Adam's Son
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About this Dynasty episode:
Dynasty - Adam's Son is the 18th episode of the 8th season and number 194 overall the series.
In this episode, Alexis toys with Leslie, asking questions about the bracelet she gave her. Jeff resigns as Blake's campaign manager after Blake voices his displeasure over Jeff's tactics in maneuvering into Denver-Carrington. Sean denies Alexis' accusation that he is having an affair with Leslie, but Alexis isn't completely convinced. After walking in on Adam and Jesse locked in a bitter fight, Karen falls to the floor with labor pains. After Sean threatens Leslie, Leslie turns to Dex, telling him she knows Sean's true identity. Dex reveals to Alexis that Sean is really Joseph's son. Adam and Dana's joy over the birth of their son is short-lived when Karen tearfully tells them she can't give up her baby.

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