S6 - The Alarm

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Dynasty - Season 6 - Episode 132 - The Alarm
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Dynasty - The Alarm is the 15th episode of the 6th season and number 132 overall the series.
In this episode, Galen plots to regain his throne while Elena, learning the counter-revolution is in jeopardy, solicits Michael's help. Carress arrives in Denver and immediately begins conducting extensive research on Alexis. Joel intends to flee to South America with Krystle, rather than Rita. Adam takes advantage of Blake's condition and tricks him into signing a document granting Adam his power of attorney. Adam boasts to Claudia, but she is suspicious, and continues her attempt to prove rightful ownership of the oil well. Sammy Jo forces Rita to tell her about the plan to poison Blake and Sammy Jo warns Steven. As Rita watches, Blake, stricken with an apparent heart attack, falls down the stairs at the Carrington mansion.

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