S6 - The Vigil

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Dynasty - Season 6 - Episode 133 - The Vigil
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Dynasty - The Vigil is the 16th episode of the 6th season and number 133 overall the series.
In this episode, after falling down the stairs, Blake is rushed to the hospital. Unconscious, Blake flashes back to the moment before his fall and realizes that 'Krystle' is not Krystle. Galen continues his deceptive charade as he requests two million dollars from an unsuspecting Alexis and Dex is incensed. Rita panics when Blake demands to know who she really is; she flees to find Joel, but encounters Krystle instead and a vicious struggle ensues. Sammy Jo helps Krystle escape from Rita, but they are blocked by Joel.

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  1. It's a shame the producers or the production staff didn't have the actress Kate O'Mara in the opening credits instead of the closing credits.