S6 - Suspicions

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Dynasty - Season 6 - Episode 131 - Suspicions
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Dynasty - Suspicions is the 14th episode of the 6th season and number 131 overall the series.
In this episode, Blake suffers dizzy spells as Rita's slow poisoning takes effect. Anxious to secure the Carrington estate, Joel convinces Rita to administer the fatal dose. An enraged Steven engages Bart Fallmont in hand-to-hand combat over the pipeline construction. Dex is granted full building rights. Claudia decides to take the fight for her oil well into her own hands. Amanda is upset to learn that Elena is helping Michael. Alexis' sister, Carress Morell, is released from a Venezuelan prison in exchange for the "Alexis Carrington-Dexter Story". Sammy Jo discovers the empty vial of poison, and confronting an alarmed Rita, begins to suspect Joel's deadly plan.

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  1. Caress's appearance signaled better writing in the second half of the season, after the horrific Krystle evil twin and long winded Moldavia story lines. unfortunately, the audience had already started to tune out, but they had also started tuning out of other night time soaps around the same time, Dallas slipped to number 5 and Dynasty to number 7 for the season. Night time soaps were in a decline as the audiences tastes gravitated towards sitcoms, first the Cosby show and family ties and then shows that featured more realistic looks at American lives such as Roseanne.