Dynasty - Foreign Relations

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Dynasty - Season 5 -  Episode 104 - Foreign Relations
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Dynasty - Foreign Relations is the 16th episode of the 5th season and number 104 overall the series.
In this episode, Blake's continued jealousy of Krystle and Daniel's (at this point, still business) relationship pushes Krystle further away. Upon returning from Bolivia, Jeff and Nicole announce their marriage. After Adam makes a derogatory remark about Steven's homosexuality, they get into a fight and later, Steven tells Luke that he's ready to begin a relationship with him. After catching Dex carrying a drunken Amanda to her bedroom, Alexis suggests to Amanda that she move into the Carrington mansion. Nicole has a hard time adjusting to life in the Carrington mansion with the specter of Fallon Carrington looming over her. Blake seeks the assistance of Lady Ashley Mitchell in negotiating with the Chinese concerning his South China Sea oil fields.

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  1. Poor Amanda only just reunits with her Mother then she kicks her out!