Dynasty - Triangles

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Dynasty - Season 5 -  Episode 105 - Triangles
Watch Dynasty Triangles online
Dynasty - Triangles is the 17th episode of the 5th season and number 105 overall the series.
In this episode, Blake reaches an agreement with the Chinese government which will allow him to begin drilling in the South China Sea. Amanda moves out of Alexis' apartment and into the Carrington mansion. Alexis is determined to get her hands on Blake's South China Sea leases. Steven decides to end his relationship with Luke Fuller and tells Claudia that he wants her back. Alexis attempts a takeover of Dominique's company so that she can blackmail her into relinquishing her 40% of Denver-Carrington and the position as executrix of Tom Carrington's will. Brady is frustrated feeling that Dominique is turning to her new family and away from him and he tells her their marriage is over.

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