Dynasty - The Treasure

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Dynasty - Season 5 -  Episode 103 - The Treasure
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Dynasty - The Treasure is the 15th episode of the 5th season and number 103 overall the series.
In this episode, Jeff and Nicole go treasure hunting in Bolivia; they find the treasure, but no trace of Fallon and a drunk and disconsolate Jeff marries Nicole . Having finally gained Blake's acceptance that she is his sister and being formally welcomed into the Carrington family, Dominique drops her lawsuit against Blake. Krystle begins work on her horse breeding business with Daniel's help, but without Blake's support. Steven tries to make one last effort to save his marriage, but instead, argues with Claudia when he sees her having dinner with Adam. Meanwhile, Alexis and Dex are on the outs due to her going to see Tom without telling him. She is further frustrated by Amanda's devotion to Blake and her acceptance of Dominique as her new aunt.

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  1. Chrystal has a new born baby and she is taking on a job? Got to love Alexis she was just fabulous.