S9 - Body Trouble

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Dynasty - Season 9 - Episode 202 - Body Trouble
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About this Dynasty episode:
Dynasty - Body Trouble is the 4th episode of the 9th season and number 202 overall the series.
In this episode, Adam starts scheming when Blake insists Adam run Denver-Carrington with Fallon and Jeff, instead of by himself. Sammy Jo isn't thrilled with the idea of Jeff working with Fallon and it only gets worse when, after making love, Jeff calls Sammy Jo by Fallon's name. Krystle goes Los Angeles with Blake to meet with Dr. Hampton where she learns the true nature of her illness. Accompanying Sgt. Zorelli to the morgue to identify the body, Fallon privately thinks that the dead man looks familiar. Sharing her thoughts with Blake upon his return, he admits the young man looks like someone he knew many years ago. Blake goes through photographs dating back to 1963, showing the man and Blake together. While mingling with guests at a party for Blake's friends and supporters, Krystle is gripped by a painful headache. Losing control, she flings dishes at the guests until Blake is able to calm her. Arriving at the party unexpected, Sgt. Zorelli informs Krystle she is no longer suspected of murder after an autopsy showed the body to be dead for over twenty years.

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