S9 - Alexis In Blunderland

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Dynasty - Season 9 - Episode 203 - Alexis In Blunderland
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About this Dynasty episode:
Dynasty - Alexis In Blunderland is the 5th episode of the 9th season and number 203 overall the series.
In this episode, with a gloomy prognosis for Colbyco, Alexis is desperate to liquefy her assets and she makes plans to sell the Carlton Hotel and the Vitron tankers, as the realization she may lose everything finally hits her. Finding out about Fallon's one night stand with Jeff, Sammy Jo squares off with Fallon. Wrestling with each other, they fall into a water trough and then take a roll through the mud, before they finally realize they are fighting over a man neither wants anymore. Adam plots to double cross Jeff by reading Steven's confidential notes on the pipeline. Fallon questions Dex on what he knows about the man-made lake where the body was found. Uneasy about discussing the subject, Dex admits the lake was made after a project had gone bad between Blake, the Colbys, and Dexter's family. Sable is delighted to hear Hamilton Stone has succeeded in winning Alexis' trust. With Stone's inside knowledge of Colbyco's business dealings, Sable schemes to take Alexis' oil tankers. Blake receives a bad news call from Krystle's doctor. Seeing the pain on Blake's face, Fallon barges into the library demanding to know what is going on. Finding Krystle crying in Blake's arms, he asks Fallon to gather the family.

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