S6 - The Divorce

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Dynasty - Season 6 - Episode 136 - The Divorce
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Dynasty - The Divorce is the 19th episode of the 6th season and number 136 overall the series.
In this episode, Alexis catches Amanda and Dex in bed together and the next morning Alexis leaves for St. Thomas to get a divorce from Dex. Galen assures Dex that he has lost Alexis forever and now she will be his queen. Adam is dismayed to learn of Blake's plans to put Steven on the board of directors. While attending a party, Adam sees Bart Fallmont and Steven together and misinterprets it to mean something more. He immediately sets a conspiracy into motion to gather incriminating evidence against the senator. Garrett meets Jackie and after learning her age and the tragic story of having lost her father soon after her birth, Garrett suspects she might be his daughter. Back from St. Thomas, Alexis walks in on a phone conversation Galen is having and discovers he has been faking his paralysis. Enraged, she orders him out of her home and her life, but keeps the tiara and the crown jewels he had promised her.

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