S6 - The Dismissal

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Dynasty - Season 6 - Episode 137 - The Dismissal
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Dynasty - The Dismissal is the 20th episode of the 6th season and number 137 overall the series.
In this episode, Blake becomes obsessed with apprehending Joel and Rita. Krystle and Sammy Jo begin to heal their relationship when Krystle sees how remorseful Sammy Jo is. Michael informs Amanda that Galen has been exiled to Lisbon, but is devastated when Amanda cuts short his wish to resume their marriage by telling him that she loves Dex. Alexis completely breaks relations with Dex, driving him back to Amanda. Adam schemes to win political support by publicizing Bart Fallmont's sexual preferences, despite Steven's protests. Caress makes a surprise visit to Alexis. Alexis has a dream that she and Blake are together again, but when Blake puts a quick end to making it a reality, she vows to destroy Blake's power hold in Denver-Carrington.

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  1. I felt deeply sorry for Akexis in this episode, Amanda is defiantly morally wrong you shouldn't sleep with your Mothers husband however I do feel sorry for her too, Alexis, Dex and Blake all used her as a little play thing, Dex picking her up and dropping her when he pleased, Blake using her has a replacement daughter and trying to throw money at any trouble Amanda gets herself into by risking her off on expensive holidays and Alex dangled Amanda in front of Blake like a carrot and bullied and manipulated Amanda.