S9 - A Touch of Sable

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Dynasty - Season 9 - Episode 200 - A Touch of Sable
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About this Dynasty episode:
Dynasty - A Touch of Sable is the 2nd episode of the 9th season and number 200 overall the series.
In this episode, the body in the lake turns out to be that of an unknown man. Adam finds Steven's goodbye letters to Blake and Sammy Jo and burns them; however, Fallon comes across the partially charred remains and suspects her brother of treachery. After Dex expresses his unwillingness to help Alexis strengthen her empire, she takes advantage of Sable's unexpected return and her political and financially affluent friend, Hamilton Stone. Alexis persuades Stone to help her get her ships back from Natumbe, while Sable contemplates how she can benefit from their budding relationship. Blake learns that Krystle is in Dayton, OH with her cousin, Virginia. Flying to Dayton, Blake learns that Krystle's memory has regressed back to her earlier life growing up in Dayton and that she had mentioned she was on the run from someone who was trying to kill her. Listening in shock, Blake is further stunned when she tells him Krystle confessed to having killed a man.

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