S9 - Tankers, Cadavers To Chance

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Dynasty - Season 9 - Episode 209 - Tankers, Cadavers To Chance
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About this Dynasty episode:
Dynasty - Tankers, Cadavers To Chance is the 11th episode of the 9th season and number 209 overall the series.
In this episode, Jeff pulls Sammy Jo from the burning barn, and Gibson is taken into custody. Sammy Jo recognizes Gibson as the man Krystle saw in her nightmares. Blake worries that Gibson is involved in trying to uncover his family secret. Dex gives Virginia a letter explaining his side of the story. She tears it up but later pieces it back together and gets teary as she reads it. Blake gives Dex an audio tape and documents relating to their secret for safe keeping. Loathing the thought of Sable winning over Dex, Alexis reignites his passion. Alexis fears the work she did to secure her ships in Natumbe may have run afoul. Adam snoops through Virginia's room and discovers the letter from Dex. Adam seduces Virginia and wins her trust. Gibson threatens Sable to get him out of jail. Zorelli storms into the Carrington mansion, accusing Blake of having him pulled off the Grimes case. Denying it, Blake has him thrown out. Torn between her father and her lover, Fallon leaves with Zorelli. Sable terrorizes Alexis with the news that she has undone all her work in Natumbe and gained possession of Alexis' tankers.

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  1. Jeeze: Blake seems to have gotten over Krystal rather fast..