S9 - Ginger Snaps

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Dynasty - Season 9 - Episode 207 - Ginger Snaps
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About this Dynasty episode:
Dynasty - Ginger Snaps is the 9th episode of the 9th season and number 207 overall the series.
In this episode, the operation fails and Krystle is in a coma and will probably never wake up. A devastated Blake returns to Denver. Sammy Jo is struck down in the stable at Delta Rho by a mysterious guy snooping around. He looses a knife with the inscription: "To my scuba with love. Edy." Sammy Jo sleeps with Jeff. More money disappears from ColbyCo accounts, but Fritz claims he's got full control. Blake and Dex discusses what to do about their secret. Apparently, a long time ago, Tom Carrington, Sam Dexter and Jason Colby had a mining company at the place where the lake is now. A serious happening made them swear to secrecy, but after the discovery of Roger Grimes, keeping it secret may be difficult. Fallon sleeps with John Zorelli. Jeff insinuates that Sable is in Denver to take Krystle's place. Virginia makes Dex remember who she is.

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