S8 - The Testing

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Dynasty - Season 8 - Episode 184 - The Testing
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About this Dynasty episode:
Dynasty - The Testing is the 8th episode of the 8th season and number 184 overall the series.
In this episode, forced to divest interests in Denver-Carrington to avoid conflict with his political career, Blake struggles to decide who in the family will assume power, but after witnessing Steven's decisiveness in handling a business situation, he asks him to run Denver-Carrington. Leslie takes advantage of a disagreement between Jeff and Fallon and makes her move on Jeff. Sammy Jo lies to Steven regarding the extent of her relationship with Josh, who , unknown to Sammy Jo, is dealing with a cocaine addiction. Sean vows to avenge the suicide of his father, Joseph Anders, and the rape of his sister, Kirby; he Blames Alexis for his father's death, and promises to crush her and her family by using his influence on her to turn the family against themselves.

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