S8 - The Siege (Part 2)

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Dynasty - Season 8 - Episode 178 - The Siege (Part 2)
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About this Dynasty episode:
Dynasty - The Siege (Part 2) is the 2nd episode of the 8th season and number 178 overall the series.
In this episode, Matthew takes the hostages to his old oilrig, Lankershim-Blaisdel 1, and keeps them in the house there. Dex is brought to the hospital with serious injuries, but following surgery he is able to give the police a lead as to the whereabouts of the hostages. Alexis hires Morgan Hess to investigate the man who saved her. Fallon wakes up in the hospital, but does not dare to tell Jeff about the abduction and later decides that she wants to take a trip home to Denver. Matthew buys explosives and makes a bomb for his hostages. Dana is frightened when Adam tells her that he wants them to have a baby soon. Gerard tells Jeanette that he loves her. Using Dex's tip, the police locate Matthew and kill all of his henchmen; Matthew releases all of the hostages except for Krystle. Steven and Blake rush back into the building and Matthew activates the bomb, intending to kill everybody. In the end, Steven kills Matthew with a knife while Blake disarms the bomb.


  1. where is season 10

    1. there isn't a season 10, it ends with season 9.

  2. What''s wrong with the sound? I can't understand a word of the 2nd part, it's like someone's taking a shower :P

  3. the first episode posted under season 8 is actually first episode of season 7. there's a mix up.