S7 - The Mothers

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Dynasty - Season 7 - Episode 167 - The Mothers
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About this Dynasty episode:
Dynasty - The Mothers is the 19th episode of the 7th season and number 167 overall the series.
In this episode, Krystina is transferred to a hospital in California to await a heart transplant. Dex takes Dominique to Wyoming where Dex is reunited with childhood friends, Sarah and Boyd Curtis, who are later in a car accident along with their young daughter; Sarah survives, but Boyd is killed and their daughter is left brain dead. Prior to being released from prison, former congressman, Neal McVane is given interesting information concerning Adam and he later shocks Adam by telling him that the real Adam Carrington died as a baby and that he is an imposter. With Leslie living in the Carrington mansion, Ben seizes the chance to try to reconcile with his daughter. Sarah Curtis agrees to donate her daughter's heart to Krystina.

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