S7 - Fear

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Dynasty - Season 7 - Episode 160 - Fear
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About this Dynasty episode:
Dynasty - Fear is the 12th episode of the 7th season and number 160 overall the series.
In this episode, Blake and Krystle move back into the mansion. After having too much to drink the previous night, Stephen awakens to find an unexpected person in his bed. Michael approaches Alexis with a business proposition; Alexis agrees, but only on the condition that Michael sues Blake for $50 million due to Blake shutting down the crater project. Adam and Dana get into an argument when Dana tells Adam that she is going back to work for Blake as his assistant. After Alexis has her music critic write a scathing review of Dominique, Dominique and Alexis have a heated confrontation. When Ben attempts to use Alexis' fear of being sent back to prison against her, Alexis instructs Adam to go to Australia to find something to neutralize Ben.

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