S6 - The Choice a.k.a. The Vendetta

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Dynasty - Season 6 - Episode 148 -  The Choice a.k.a. The Vendetta
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Dynasty -  The Choice a.k.a. The Vendetta is the 31st episode of the 6th season and number 148 overall the series.
In this episode, Blake is shocked when newspaper headlines announce Ben's acquisition of the South China Sea leases. An irate Claudia confronts Blake and accuses him of siphoning oil from the Lankershim One oil well causing it to go dry and then reveals to Blake that Adam tricked him into signing the Power Of Attorney document. Sure of Ben and Alexis' collusion, Blake greets the co-conspirators with copies of "Sister Dearest", which he vengefully hands out to the hungry press. Farouk Ahmed calls off Blake's $1 billion loan, but demands his $250 million fee; he informs Blake that Alexis was behind the loan and when Blake confronts Alexis, she demands the $250 million in Denver-Carrington stock. At Dominique's engagement party, Sammy Jo and Amanda fight over Clay and end up falling into the pool, Amanda holds a helpless Sammy Jo under water. Dominique's happiness is shattered when she learns that Garrett was never married before.In her room at La Mirage, Claudia, becoming increasingly more unstable, accidentally sets the room on fire, while the engagement party continues below. Blake and Krystle arrive at the Carrington mansion and are greeted by a gloating Alexis, who tells Blake that she has bought all of his holdings, including the Carrington mansion; a vengeful Blake lunges for Alexis' throat.

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