S5 - Reconciliation

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Dynasty - Season 5 -  Episode 113 - Reconciliation
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Dynasty - Reconciliation is the 25th episode of the 5th season and number 113 overall the series.
In this episode, Blake and Daniel survive the plane crash and are rescued. Dex is jealous when he sees that Alexis is visibly disturbed by the news of Blake's crash and later Alexis witnesses a tender moment between Dex and Amanda. Alexis badgers Blake to get his help regarding Amanda and Michael's engagement and is thrown out of the Carrington mansion by Krystle. Blake and Krystle decide to make a go of their marriage. Krystle tells Daniel that he has a daughter named Samantha Josephine. Adam is furious when he overhears Blake say that he intends to rewrite his will to give Jeff control of Denver-Carrington.

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