S5 - Circumstantial Evidence

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Dynasty - Season 5 -  Episode 107 - Circumstantial Evidence
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Dynasty - Circumstantial Evidence is the 19th episode of the 5th season and number 107 overall the series.
In this episode, following their kiss, Daniel confesses to Krystle that he's always loved her, but she tells him that she loves Blake. Blake and Krystle are both sent photographs indicating that they may be cheating on each other; Krystle with Daniel and Blake with Lady Ashley Mitchell. Nicole is frustrated trying to live up to Fallon's angelic reputation and lashes out at Jeff by listing off Fallon's numerous past sexual relationships. After another falling out with Alexis, Dex decides to join Daniel on one of his covert missions. Amanda learns Michael is engaged. Alexis gets the 25% of the South China Sea leases that Blake had put up for auction. Claudia is hurt when she sees Steven with Luke after Steven told her he wasn't going to see Luke anymore and she turns to Adam for comfort. Blake confronts Krystle about her feelings for Daniel.

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