S16 - The Subpoenas

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Dynasty - Season 6 - Episode 140 - The Subpoenas
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Dynasty - The Subpoenas is the 23rd episode of the 6th season and number 140 overall the series.
In this episode, Alexis' surprise unveiling of Ben stuns Blake, but she has little time to relish her first victory when Ben threatens to be her fiercest adversary if their plans go awry. Amanda is crushes when Dex confesses that he does not love her. Furious at Adam for publicizing Bart's past illicit romance, Steven instigates another battle with his brother. Blake also reprimands Adam, but the story accomplishes its purpose as ex-senator Buck Fallmont withdraws the pipeline injunction. Claudia returns and moves out of the Carrington mansion. Her suspicions concerning her paternity growing, Jackie makes a call to Paris to request a copy of her birth certificate. Despite Krystle's queries, Blake refuses to discuss his estrangement from his brother. Blake is confronted by Ben, who has returned to Denver to contest their father's will. Having discovered Caress' sinister intentions, Alexis secretly buys the company contracted to publish the damaging expose. Unaware of her sister's actions, Caress continues to write and to fall prey to a merciless Alexis.

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