Dynasty - The Secret

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Dynasty - Episode 96 - The Secret
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Dynasty - The Secret is the 8th episode of the 5th season and number 96 overall the series.
In this episode, Amanda is upset with Alexis for denying their relationship and demands that Alexis prove her love by openly acknowledging Amanda as her daughter. Hoping to clear his name, Blake asks Dominique for help in finding Rashid Ahmed. Alexis forgives Steven for testifying against her. Both Krystle and Claudia feel that their husbands are pulling away from them. Luke Fuller, a new PR employee at ColbyCo shows an interest in Steven and when Steven again puts work ahead of spending time with her, Claudia agrees to have dinner with Dean Caldwell, a local gallery owner. Jeff meets Nicole Simpson; although, she neglects to mention that she is Peter De Vilbis' estranged widow. Blake suspects that he is Amanda's father and has a confrontation with Alexis.

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  1. Alexis feeds her little dog a bit of food and then does the same with Amanda are they both her little play thinks? Amanda is Super pretty just not very energetic, I did like her though but not her replacement.