Dynasty - The Hearing (Part 1)

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Dynasty - Episode 65 - The Hearing (Part 1)
Watch Dynasty - The Hearing (Part 1) online
Dynasty - The Hearing (Part 1) is the 4th episode of the 4th season and number 65 overall the series.
In this episode, Kirby demands Alexis divulge the real motive behind her father's murder. In a fit of rage, she tries to strangle Alexis. Adam moves into the Carrington household and also starts working for Blake, while Claudia does this for Fallon at La Mirage. Steven finds a social worker snooping around his apartment, which the information is later used at his custody trial. There Alexis testifies Blake tried to purchase the baby from Sammy Jo and he is a bad father. Krystle also gives evidence for Steven, but Blake prohibits a cross examination of her.

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